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For many years, I painted animals, but my most recent works focus on female portraits, which depict the sensuality of women through mixed mediums, complex textures and bright colours. The paintings are intricately composed of humans, animals, obscure objects, nature elements and machine parts.


My obsession with female portraits is deeply rooted in an obsession with self, while navigating the journey of life. I ponder feminine emotions and the critical question: What is the true definition of beauty? Sometimes we are elegant, sometimes we are vulnerable, sometimes we are sexy, fearless, sensitive, affectionate. As I explore the complexities of feminism, I transfer the multi-layered depth of emotions onto my canvases.


Female Portraits

The Fearless Girl
The Two Of Me I
The Two Of Me II
Self Portrait
Florence I
Florence II
Florence III
The Power Of Silence
I Am Not The Only One
This Is Me
Over The Rainbow
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